CODEA Uganda Project Activities - Conservation and Demand Agency

Vocational Training

We support youth and women to enhance their production capacity through provision of soft and non-formal vocational skills training services with the view to contribute to employment and livelihood improvement. CODEA supports vulnerable youths to access employable skills relevant to the market demands. The skill sets are combination of hands-on non-formal vocational skills complemented by group dynamics and work readiness skills, communication skills, as well as entrepreneurship to enhance business start-ups. We amplify skills uptake by establishment of satellite training centres in rural communities, with a notion of “taking the skills to the people” as a way of breaking the major barriers faced by the target group. All our trainings are gender sensitive as women representation is highly considered and cognizant of unique needs and challenges. Thus, provision of child care assistants and breastfeeding points is one of the peculiar strategies employed. During delivery and design of trainings, CODEA works with well-established BTVET institutions and private sector players to ensure that the skills acquired meet the required quality standards. Trainees are also subjected to competence assessment and are subsequently certified by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) under the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Uganda. Since the year 2018, 200 youth and women have benefited from our vocation skills development interventions; at least 30% of these have established own businesses while around 50% are absorbed in the labor market. Nevertheless, approximately 20% are still unemployed. Support us now to address the barriers limiting youth employment in Uganda.