About Us


Our mission is “empowering communities world-wide to achieve sustainable development”. CODEA’s mandate is to mobilize communities and improve their capacity to meet economic, health and social needs sustainably. We do research and build on finding to design programs and projects that benefit women, young people and men while contributing to restoration and or rehabilitation of ecosystems.


CODEA envisions a self-sustaining society. And in the context of our work, self-sustaining means a world where human beings are able to get all they need today, tomorrow, and forever, without having to travel long distances. Services should be accessible even to the smallest member of the society, thus, a self-sustaining society is a world without lack. “The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”


People centred, Teamwork, Transparency, Sustainability, Committed to Quality service


Conservation and Demand Agency (CODEA) is an Indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) incorporated in Uganda as a Company Limited by Guarantee. CODEA was founded in October 2010, and is regulated by several government bodies including NGO Bureau and Uganda Registration Services Bureau. As an NGO, CODEA was first registered as conservation and Development Agency until 2019, but this name was modified to conservation and demand agency to meet the requirements for incorporation. However, the change of name did not imply change of objectives and focus. CODEA employs two major approaches in implementation of interventions; (i) Direct implementation – where CODEA staff reach out to communities directly to deliver interventions; and (ii) Partnerships – where CODEA selects and establishes partnerships with local organizations (CBO, groups, cooperatives and private sector businesses) to support the delivery of interventions. In this case, CODEA strengthens the capacity of partners, facilitates and supervises them in delivery of interventions. We as well work very closely with local and central government agencies in all projects, because the mandate of NGOs is to complement Government efforts. Thus, to us, local ownership of project interventions increases chances of sustainability as the results are collectively owned. The organization integrates issues of gender, human rights based approaches, livelihoods improvement and green economy into her activities.